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At Spectrum Psych LA, we want to help support our clients in accessing all services that would be helpful for their family. We’ve teamed up with to provide resources specifically made for parents looking to better support their neurodivergent child. Below, you’ll find carefully curated resources to equip you with this essential information.

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Regional Center

Regional Centers all over California support individuals with disabilities and developmental delays by providing services such as therapies, social-recreational program funding, and respite for caregivers.

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Students with disabilities and learning challenges can receive personalized help, services, and accommodations through an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 Plan.

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If you use private insurance, Medi-Cal, or both, these resources provide information about maximizing your benefits, filing claims, handling denials, and more.

About Undivided

Undivided is a parent-driven support system for families raising kids with disabilities. We provide an inclusive community, experienced parent coaches, and expert-backed resources, all organized on our innovative app, to help families get more for their children.

I’m so glad you are building such a necessary service for all of the warrior parents and wonderful children in our community.”

-Undivided client

Finally the roadmap you have been looking for

During your Kickstart, your Navigator will work with you to build the plan to access your child’s requisite care: education, public benefits, insurance, and much more.

Connect with an Undivided Navigator to assess your child’s and family’s specific needs.

Work with your Navigator to pinpoint priorities and create a streamlined plan for accessing services.

Finish your Kickstart with the resources and guides needed to secure what your child needs.